Camilla Needs Your Help!

Camilla Corona SDO, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mascot, wants to know the forecast for tomorrow's space weather! Since space weather can harm her astronaut friends and satellites in space, like her pal SDO, she wants you to help her predict what the space weather will be so she can warn them and keep them safe.

Your mission: First, learn about space weather (1) on the Home page and (2) by using the lessons and resources on this page. Second, visit the Forecast page to access the Space Weather Submission Form; this will lead you through your space weather prediction step-by-step!

After submitting your forecast, you will get immediate feedback about how your results compare to those of other forecasters. Make sure to check back regularly to the Space Weather News section on the Home page for information about how accurate your forecast was!

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SDO - EVE Diodes 3 day plot