LWS/SDO-3/SOHO-26/GONG-2011 Workshop

Solar Dynamics and Magnetism from the Interior to the Atmosphere

Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2011 | Bechtel Conference Center - Encina Hall - Stanford University, CA

LWS/SDO-3/SOHO-26/GONG-2011 Workshop

Solar Dynamics and Magnetism from the Interior to the Atmosphere

October 31-November 4, 2011
Bechtel Conference Center, Encina Hall
Stanford University, Stanford, CA

The goal of the workshop is to discuss recent advances and new problems in the exploration of the Sun's interior structure, solar dynamics and dynamo, mechanisms of sunspot and active regions formation, sources of solar irradiance variations, and links between the subsurface dynamics, flaring and CME activity.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission is providing a large amount of new data on solar dynamics and magnetic activities during the rising phase of the current and highly unusual solar cycle. These data are complemented by the continuing SOHO mission, and by ground-based observatories that include the GONG helioseismology network and the New Solar Telescope. This unprecedented amount of data provides a unique opportunity for multi-instrument investigations that address fundamental problems of the origin of solar magnetic activity at various spatial and temporal scales.

The data is being used to develop new methods for forecasting solar cycles, emergence and evolution of active regions and their flaring and CME activity.

The scientific program will begin on Monday, October 31 at 9 AM, and conclude on Friday, November 4 at 1PM. Abstracts are solicited on the following topics:

  • "Local and Global Helioseismology"
  • "Large-Scale Dynamics, Magnetism and Dynamo"
  • "Emerging Magnetic Flux and Subsurface Dynamics"
  • "Formation, Structure and Evolution of Sunspots and Active Regions"
  • "Numerical Simulations and Laboratory Experiments"
  • "Observations of the Solar Dynamics and Magnetism"
  • "Links between the Solar Interior and Atmosphere"
  • "Sources of Spectral and Total Irradiance Variations"
  • "Dynamics and Magnetic Topology of Flares and CMEs"

The workshop program will include invited and contributed talks, as well as poster sessions. On the last day, 4 splinter working group meetings will be organized:

  1. Helioseismology (organizers R. Bogart, R. Komm, A. Kosovichev)
  2. Vector Magnetometry (organizer T. Hoeksema and A. Pevtsov)
  3. Feature Recognition, and Data Distribution and Access (organizers P. Martens and N. Hurlburt)
  4. Numerical Simulations and Modeling (organizers N. Mansour and I. Kitiashvili)

Limited travel support for students and young investigators will be available.

Important dates:

Late abstracts will be accepted until October 7, 2011

Early registration deadline: October 1, 2011

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