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Citizen Scientist

Look at jpeg images that are posted soon after being received by the science teams. They are provided at a rate of one image per channel every 15 minutes, with that rate changing during spacecraft maneuvers or when a data outage occurs.

SDO Data Access Website

Browse a library of AIA, HMI, and EVE images. Can download images of various sizes, create animations, download daily, full-disk movies, or run kiosk movies. Create time series plots of EVE Level 2 data.


LMSAL Sun Today

View and download the latest AIA and HMI images. Look back in time in steps of a day for the last 60 days.


LMSAL iSolSearch

Search for events & features with an interactive map of the Sun; view cutout movies of those phenomena.


SDAC Latest Images

The most recent AIA and HMI images in 1k x 1k GIFs with the SOHO false color scheme.



A web-based application that can be used to examine time series of solar images. Can overlay images from SOHO & SDO and stream large data sets interactively in real-time. Allows zoom, pan, basic image processing and overlay of events from catalogs.

Space Weather / Near Real Time

Provide access to the Near Real Time (NRT) data in FITS files rather than the jpeg images described in the "Citizen Scientist" section.


AIA synoptic data

A directory containing 3-minute cadence Level 1 NRT 1k x 1k FITS files for each filter. These files can be retrieved with ftp or wget commands, allowing the retrieval to be automated.


HMI "most recent" images

A directory of NRT jpeg image files and animations for the continuum intensity, line-of-sight magnetograms, and Dopplergrams. These files can be retrieved with ftp or wget commands, allowing the retrieval to be automated.


LMSAL Cutout Service

Retrieve cutouts of AIA and HMI data, rather than full disk images. This tool works with the browse (Near Real Time) data. This allows for a rapid viewing of the solar event, but the final spacecraft pointing information is not available for several days after an observation is made. The tracked-patch service at the JSOC should be used when extremely accurate alignment is required.


Integrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA)

Web application for visualizing space weather data from multiple missions, including all SDO instruments.

Science Data

The primary archive for HMI and AIA data; supports complex search parameters for use in helioseismology.


JSOC "Lookdata" (Advanced Web-based search)

SolarSoft IDL Interface

SolarSoft is a set of software libraries, data bases, and system utilities for analyzing data used in solar physics.



Describes a system used to access the HMI/AIA archive for workflow processing; requires a dedicated Linux server and a sizeable disk array.


AIA Synoptic Data Server

A directory containing the AIA synoptic series, fits files containing 1K x 1K images of each AIA bandpass at a 3 minute cadence.


EVE Data Access

Plots & numerical data from EVE


jHelioviewer (Java Application)

A downloadable java application that allows basic image processing and provides a plugin architecture for third-party features.


Other Useful places


Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO)

Search for SDO and other solar physics data based on time, spectral range, physical observable and other parameters.


Heliophysics Event Knowledgebase (HEK)

Search catalogs of events and features in a web-based search engine.



Visualization of event locations


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