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Family Science Night

The NASA Family Science Night program invites middle school children and their families to come discover the wide variety of science and engineering being performed at NASA and in our every day life. You will work with volunteers to explore various themes on the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Universe* through fun, hands-on activities. You will even get to take stuff with you when you leave to perform your own experiments at home!




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Want to run a FSN?

Now that the Family Science Night program has been successfully piloted, the 9-session FSN program series is now available for dissemination to program providers like you to run in your local communities.

Based on the premise that parents and families have the greatest influence on children's attitudes towards education and career choices, the NASA Family Science Night series was developed to foster the curiosity of middle school students and their families. Middle school students are ideal for this type of program as they are still open to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) content while also being willing to participate in programs with their parents. Family Science Night was developed to fill this niche as the middle school years are a critical time in the development of attitudes about science and career options. We offer a fun, interactive program outside of school, and one in which the whole family can participate.

When you join the Family Science Night team you become a part of a team dedicated to making science fun again. Through the program you will help us change the perceptions and behaviors of participants through fun, hands-on exploratory activities that enable them to see science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a whole new light both within the program and beyond. You also gain access to a wide-range of support resources:

  • Comprehensive digital manual of all 9 sessions
  • Access to research and evaluation tools
  • Participation in family research program
  • Support from experienced implementers
  • Proposal writing support
  • Access to advertizing resources
  • and much more!

For more information on the program or to begin the process for implementing the Family Science Night program in your community, please contact Sara Mitchell.